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Boom Town Museum

Bothwell-Zone Oil Museum


    The Bothwell-Zone Oil Museum is located at 27868 Zone Road 7. It is situated on the front two & half acres of the original Goodyear property and is open for self-guided tours. 

   In 1887, Walter Goodyear owned a one hundred acre farm, located on the now Zone Road #7, to which he leased fifty acres to Frank Carmen and Dr. Charles Fairbank, who built a powerhouse and jerker line system which operated 150 wells.  In 1907, a Stevenson Boiler Works Steam engine was installed by Ab Baines, the father of Albert Baines, proprietor of Baines Machine Shop in Petrolia. Dr. Fairbank married Clara Sussex from Bothwell and continued pumping oil in Petrolia long after his lease in Bothwell expired. Three generations of Fairbanks have since continued pumping oil on their property in Oil Springs. Goodyear’s granddaughter married Andrew Marcus. The Marcus Family also has an association with the oil industry through the Harold Marcus Trucking Company.

    The Goodyear property changed hands over the years.  In 1931, Ted Holmes purchased the oil field and the land remained in the Holmes family until 1966. Brief owners were George Stevenson, Graham Chambers and Mr. Bradley.  Delbert Sitler owned the property for twenty years when Thomas Barnes took ownership. Sons, Lonnie and John Barnes are the present day owners.



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